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Mark Yusupov BBC NEWS 11/3/20/

West Hollywood Today 9/18/20/–I am writing to reiterate my full support for the public park at 1216 North Flores Street. That lot is positioned among multi-unit buildings with at least one of them built almost a hundred years ago and having historical features from the nineteen twenties. Having a green space public park makes a lot of sense, especially nowadays, when people spend more time working from and stuck in the apartments. It is incredible but not surprising that the petition for the park has already amassed the support of over 1300 people. West Hollywood is one of the densest cities in our country and needs far more green space.

As we discussed with you, there is still a lot of unknown about the current status of that lot. The real estate agent says that it is currently in escrow.
But sooner or later, any project there should come upon the city’s agenda. And that is why it is critical to elect new people on the city council, new leaders that would be receptive to residents’ will.
 In my platform as a candidate for West Hollywood City Council, I advocate for more outdoor recreational spaces within our city. If elected, I plan to restart a dialogue with the City of Los Angeles regarding the Poinsettia Park & Recreation Center’s long-term lease so that WeHo can have another park and athletic fields on the east side of the city for our residents to use. And Flores Park would be an excellent addition as a public park in the center of the town, with other larger parks being on the east and west edges of the city.
Thank you, Tom Wright ,Calli Goldstein  for your efforts and your fight for more green space in our city!

Right now, in West Hollywood, there are many issues, which concurrently lowering the quality of life of our community members.

Now is the time for NEW voices to lead change in West Hollywood.
I am determined to bring a fresh eye and needed improvements. Our campaign is grassroots, and I’m not accepting any contributions from real estate developers and large corporations.

The economic downturn, lack of affordable housing, high unemployment, public safety concerns, tenant-landlord issues, struggling small businesses. Many of those problems had existed before the pandemic. With the city’s economy so heavily dependent on the hotel and tourism business, chickens of the one-sided economy are coming home to roost. We need to diversify city’s economy and create adequate support system for small, boutique, local businesses to achieve a more balanced economy.
This campaign is a grassroots, and I am not taking any contributions from real estate developers and large corporations. Join me

I plan to increase the number of Security Ambassadors that are deployed on bicycles and foot within the city and boost staffing in the Mental Evaluation Unit. A focus on crime prevention will help to reduce sheriff emergency calls. There should be increased community education and awareness about the dangers of domestic violence, human trafficking, and hate crimes.

I will propose a requirement for all registered city lobbyist information to be published regularly to reveal any special interests that influence our city government.The city must streamline its expenses by evaluating its leases of un-owned property and ensuring it falls within the current market rate conditions. A fresh eye is needed to assess and possibly postpone non-essential projects.

We are all aware that the homelessness crisis has gotten way out of control, and neither West Hollywood nor Los Angeles can solve this on its own.We must demand more funding from the federal government and work with our state and private sector partners to address homelessness, housing, mental healthcare, and substance abuse treatment.

West Hollywood must expand the tenants’ advocacy center where renters can get assistance addressing complaints and resolving disputes and obtaining guidance to Section 8 programs.

There is no time like the present to reevaluate West Hollywood’s overall economy. It is more urgent than ever to rebalance the city’s economy to make it less heavily dependent on hospitality and nightlife.We can diversify our economy by supporting all types of businesses that are integral to the neighborhood’s current character and developing opportunities for new industries and business sectors. We can create welcoming environments for innovative start-ups and boutique shops alik

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