Flores Park’s 1400 West Hollywood Residents VOTE for Sepi Shyne, Mark Yusupov


West Hollywood Today VOTE —9/30/20/–We support the 1400 signed supporters for West Hollywood Flores Park, Community Garden, FRIENDS OF FLORES PARK ARE Asking that you VOTE  for Sepi Shyne, Mark Yusupov 2020 West Hollywood Council Nov 3rd.. Each have pledged their support for the development of the FLORES PARK COMMUNITY GARDEN.

We are honored that 1400 West Hollywood resident have signed up, asking the West Hollywood Council to open up our park community garden..1216 North Flores.  1400 WEHO FLORES PARK RESIDENTS  we are asking that you VOTE for Sepi Shyne, Mark Yusupov 2020 West Hollywood Council Nov 3rd..

West Hollywood Today(West Hollywood) 9/30/20/—-1,400 WEST HOLLYWOOD RESIDENTS Signed Flores Park petition  We are  asking the City of West Hollywood to purchase the property at 1216 North Flores Street to open a community park that demonstrates sustainable garden practices for local residents and wildlife.
Friends Of Flores Park
SIGN UP In Support For Flores Park 1216 Flores Street 
West Hollywood

Thank you

Please Vote

Calli Goldstein

Stephanie Harker

Tom Wright


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FB: facebook.com/sepishyneI SHYNE

Mark Yusupov 

A Plane For Change

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