Flores Park West Hollywood: 1,255 SIGNED Flores Park Community Gardens PETITION

West Hollywood Today(West Hollywood) 7/7/20/—-1,255 WEST HOLLYWOOD RESIDENTS Signed Flores Park petition  We are  asking the City of West Hollywood to purchase the property at 1216 North Flores Street to open a community park that demonstrates sustainable garden practices for local residents and wildlife. www.westhollywoodtoday.com floresparkproject@gmail.com Friends Of Flores Park SIGN UP In Support For […]

Flores Park West Hollywood 1000 Strong signed petition Flores Park We are a voting block, a voice for change

We are a voting block, a voice for change WEHO 1000 STRONG WEST HOLLYWOOD  MATTERS SCAN  SIGN SHARE West Hollywood Today(Flores Park) 7/5/20/–Right now, We want to thank every single person (1000) for jointing Flores Park Community Team, your show of support—by Signing the petition, talking about the campaign, and reaching out to other WEHO […]